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  Why Jane?

 Jane Cairns Irvine has been pursuing that perfect creative outlet for most of her life.  She feels she has found it with  the discovery of fused glass and particularly dichroic fused glass. Dabbling in oil painting, pastels, screen printing, and sandblasting glass all helped paved the path to working in fused glass.  Working in various jobs, mostly office work, only convinced Jane that a creative life was her life’s dream.  With the birth of her daughter in 1999, Jane decided it was time to find her niche.  After stumbling across dichroic glass on the internet, Jane jumped right into the medium, ordering a fairly large kiln immediately after discovering the beauty of  the glass. 

 It has been an adventure and a joy. As a self taught glass artist, Jane has found a process that works for her, and in turn allows her to share this process with her students. She loves her work and has a passion for glass. She loves having the opportunity to share her knowledge and passion with  enthusiastic students. 

Recently, Jane has been joined by her  father, Dave Cairns. Dave brings a wealth of knowledge and creative ablilities. Dave has many years experience turning creative ideas into working products. His technical background and innovative ideas bring fresh new  approaches to art glass.  Dave will be working with Jane on larger architectural projects.

Also joining us in the new studio will be Kathleen DiResta www.kdirestadesign.com Kathleen creates modern sterling silver and gold jewelry that has a fresh and clean look. Kathleen will be offering classes in metalwork and jewelry making techniques.   Check her website for more information.


Jane’s Fused Glass Designs   44 Railroad Plaza, Glen Head, NY  11545   516-216-4630, info@janesartglass.com

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