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FAQ for classes in Sea Cliff

What is Dichroic Glass?
Dichroic (di-kro’-ic) translates as two color. This represents the properties of the dichroic.  There are two colors - a transmitted color (the color you see when light shines through the glass) and your reflected color (the color you see when light reflects off the glass). The glass is coated in a vacuum chamber with microscopic layers of metal oxides.  Dichroic is still used in many scientific applications.

How do I register for your classes?
Registration is now required for all classes and Open Studio time in the Glen Head location.  Call to reserve your spot 516-216-4630 or send an email.

What is the cost of material fees?
For open studio and Q&A classes the material fee is based on purchase of glass.  Finished work is weighed after it is fired and the a firing fee of $0.10 per gram will be charged. Students may create as many or as few pieces as they wish. Workshops include the cost of glass and firing fees.

Who can come?
Classes are open to all adults and teens.  It is preferable that an adult accompany younger teens to class.  There are no requirements, only a desire to create.

Is there handicap access?
There is no handicap access to the studio. We are located on the second floor of a building.    If this causes a problem, please look into one of the other locations for classes. 

Do I need to bring any tools?
No.  All tools and glass will be provided for you. If you wish you bring your own tools, or wish to purchase new tools from us, you are welcome to, however it is not required.  It is expected that students purchase glass for classes from me. I am providing the studio, tools, grinders, various means to embellish the glass all at no additional cost. In order for this to remain affordable I ask that no glass purchased from outside sources be used for classes.   You can contact us if you have questions regarding this matter.




Jane’s Fused Glass Designs   44 Railroad Plaza, Glen Head, NY  11545   516-216-4630, info@janesartglass.com

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